In a recent post on its blog Yahoo announced an update to its local search results. Very much like the local results from Google the Yahoo local search results will now give detailed information about a business when the listing is clicked. Here is what Yahoo had to say in its announcement: “When it comes […]

A new tool has been launched by Pinterest which they call “Interests”. With this tool you can explore topics of interest to you to help you find pins which you are most interested in. To try “Interests” visit Pinterest from your desktop browser  and click on “Preview! Explore Interests” in the categories menu. Its not available on […]

Did you know that the time it takes your website to load can have a direct impact on your search rankings on Google? Yes that’s correct, a slow load time can negatively impact on where your site pages will rank on Google SERP’s making it an important SEO factor. How slow is to slow I […]

In a video published today by Matt Cutts he answers the following question: “Should I correct the grammar on comments to my WordPress blog? Should I not approve comments with poor grammar? Will approving comments with grammar issues affect my page’s quality ratings?” Matt goes onto to say that you shouldn’t worry about poor grammar […]

For as long as there has been SEO there has been keywords but much to the annoyance of many SEO’s, (it’s amusing how many of us SEO practitioners panic when something changes), the exact match keyword has disappeared from the SEO check list in 2014. This is due to a number of things, firstly the […]

In a recent video published on Google’s Webmaster Help Channel on YouTube Matt Cutts discusses whether or not social signals from Twitter and Facebook are part of what Google’s ranking algorithms take notice of. The video was in response to the following question “Are Facebook and Twitter signals part of the ranking algorithm? How much […]

Google are sending out emails to some businesses asking them to verify their Google Maps or Google Places listing, if you receive one of these emails you have 3 weeks to re-verify your listing or it will be removed from Google Maps and Google Plus Local. It is not known how many businesses may be […]

In a recent video published on Google’s Webmaster Help Channel Matt Cutts, Head of the Web Spam Team at Google answered the question: “Do Google use the same algorithm to rank all the results on page 1, or different algorithms for a wider variety in the results? (Pos. 1-3 – primary focus on freshness Pos. […]

This is my first post since late November, with one thing or another I just haven’t found the time to write as its been so busy at work and of course we had Christmas in the middle of that time, I always down tools completely for 2 weeks over Christmas. Anyway I’ll try and get […]

Today I received an email, along with all other Pinterest users, announcing the launch of place pins. This launch now means that Pinterest is now a valid marketing channel for local businesses which want to target a local audience. The launch of Place Pins is not only another legitimate channel for local marketing but is […]


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